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  • May 05, 2023
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Provigil is a medication commonly used to address a variety of conditions, including shift work sleep disorder, ADHD, daytime sleepiness, and Narcolepsy. Living with these conditions can prove difficult without the correct treatment, and can all play a negative role in daily life. They can cause difficulty concentrating, staying awake, or transitioning between weekly shift changes at work.

Those who buy Provigil online will experience several benefits compared to shopping for the same medication at a traditional pharmacy. These benefits include convenience, cost savings, and discretion. Our online pharmacy provides delivery to the clients door, meaning that customers do not need to make a trip to the pharmacy to pick up their medication. We also do not require a prescription for our medications.

What is Provigil?

A French neuroscientist named Michel Jouvet of Lafon Laboratories developed Provigil originally in the 1970s. It belongs to the class of medicines known as Nootropics and was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1998 to be sold legally. This drug uses the active ingredient known as Modafinil, which is used in many generic options available on the market today.

Off-label uses for it includes students needing to focus for long hours, business professionals needing to remain productive during work, and anyone else who requires a higher level of concentration and alertness. Its off-label uses have been found to improve memory, focus, and alertness. Trials show it can be used to treat symptoms of several mental health issues, Alzheimers, as well as to help with jet lag.

What is Armodafinil

Provigil Dosage Instructions

The recommended dosage instructions for Provigil are to take one 200 mg tablet once a day in the morning, or before beginning a work shift or task. The tablet can be broken in half for smaller doses, or larger doses for more extreme cases. We do not advise taking more than 400 mg per day, and patients should have 12 - 15 hours clear before intending to sleep.

To get the most out of taking Provigil, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Studies show that getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly, and a balanced diet are all factors in achieving optimal results. Additionally, patients should stay away from other substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs that can interact with it, as they can reduce the effectiveness.

How Long Does Provigil Last?

While there is a general idea of how those who buy Provigil can expect it to last, the duration may differ from person to person. On average, patients will experience between 12 - 15 hours of effects. This can differ for some based on their body chemistry, weight, general overall health, and metabolism. Alcohol, caffeine and some tobacco smoke compounds are known to alter the metabolisation of some drugs.

This medication will increase both Serotonin and Dopamine levels in the brain. This has great benefits for the patient. Increased Serotonin will promote happiness, focus and calmness, while increased Dopamine promotes feelings of motivation and reward. Combined, an increase in these two chemicals proves to be beneficial to anyone needing a lift in their cognitive abilities or to stay awake.

What are Nootropics

Does Provigil Have Side Effects?

Like any pharmaceutical, Provigil can cause some minor side effects. These should ultimately not be of too much concern as they are generally mild and short-lived. Some of the side effects associated with this medication include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Stomach ache
  • Nausea
  • Reduced appetite

When taking Provigil, it is important to remain hydrated. Dehydration will increase the possibility of side effects occurring when taking a large number of pharmaceuticals. Using this medication can further cause dehydration due to being a diuretic, making consuming water very important. If side effects persist, speak with a doctor to ensure the medication is right for you.

Can You Buy Provigil Over the Counter?

No. Within the borders of the USA, people are only able to buy Provigil with a valid prescription from a doctor, and it cannot be obtained over the counter. This means that those who are looking to get their hands on this medication locally will first need to take time to visit the doctor and hope they offer a prescription.

Often, doctors are hesitant to write prescriptions for many drugs, making it difficult to get Provigil locally. Since most people work during the day, visiting the doctor requires taking an unpaid leave from work for the day, increasing the overall cost of the prescription. Not only is this inconvenient, but also rather time-consuming.

How to Get Provigil in the USA?

With a steady rise in online pharmacies across the USA, more and more Americans are choosing to get medications like Provigil from the internet. Thanks to online pharmacies, Americans can get their medication of choice without the need for visiting the doctor for a prescription. The medications available are also priced much better when compared to a traditional pharmacy.

Our online pharmacy go's the extra mile to ensure that you, the client, has the best experience possible, and that you are protected every step of the wat. We employ several safeguards including 128-bit encryption to ensure client information cannot be accessed by any third parties. Our review feature ensures our customers voice can he heard and our customer service team are on hand 24/7 for real time answers.

What is Modafinil

Where to Buy Provigil in the USA?

At this point, all that is left for you to do is complete your order. Begin by accessing the product page and choosing a quantity to add to your cart. Once you have made a choice, click on the checkout button and follow the prompts for the information required to complete your order. Once done, choose a payment method, of which we accept Bitcoin, Visa and MasterCard.

Once submitted, check your inbox for a confirmation email which will also indicate the expected delivery period. Deliveries will arrive throughout the USA in 4 - 7 working days. If you have any questions, contact our customer service team via email, live chat or telephone.

Buy Provigil online from www.modafinilsupplier.com and achieve the cognitive focus you desire.

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